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Watching movies online has never been easier. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with internet connection and you’re all set.

When you decide to watch movies online, the first thing you need to do is choose a movie. Unlike going to the cinema, where you have a couple of movies currently available, with online streaming the selection is huge. We’re not talking about all the best movies from this year, but the selection goes years and even decades back. This makes a selection quite difficult, especially if you’re not keeping up with movie industry, so you don’t know which movies are worth watching.

You could start browsing movies by year. However, a lot of different movies come out each year, so the choice is still difficult to make. To help you narrow down the selection, start by browsing by genre.



Drama is a movie genre about serious stories and life situations, portraying realistic characters, their conflicts, nature, etc. This is a very broad movie genre, which is usually described with another term to narrow it down and describe its topic. This is how we have crime drama, historical drama, comedy drama, melodrama, political drama, etc.



In action movies, a protagonist is faced with a series of challenges, which usually involves a chase, violence, combat, etc. There’s usually a hero, who’s fighting against a villain. Action movies are usually accompanied by spectacular visual effects, lots of stunts, and car pursuits. Some of the subgenres of action movies include action adventure, action comedy, martial arts, spy film, etc.


Horror movie genre causes the audience to feel fear, panic, to be alarmed and unsettling about the plot of the movie. A plot of a horror movie usually involves an evil force or a person and terror. Other elements that are frequently part of horror movies are demons, ghosts, zombies, monsters, extraterrestrials, etc.



Thrillers bring a dose of suspense to the audience with lots of surprises and anticipation around the plot. The goal is to keep the viewers alert all the time, while emphasizing the danger the main protagonist(s) is faced with. Some thriller sub genres include action thriller, psychological thriller, crime thriller, etc.



The main emphasis of this type of movie is humor. The goal is to make audience laugh at exaggerated characteristics of the protagonists and humorous events. Types of comedy movies include romantic comedy, action comedy, black comedy, parody, etc.



Science fiction movie genre features a science-based description of a certain phenomenon, alongside extraterrestrials, time travel, robots, cyborgs, etc. The movies explore human conditions in a world affected by this phenomenon.


These are some of the most popular and most broad genres, but there are a couple of more genres to have in mind when choosing to watch a movie online: mystery, western, animation, fantasy, documentary, war movies, etc. Browse a genre you’d like to explore from the huge selection of online movies to watch:


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