Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Bacevich’s dense text may not be ideal for an “Andrew Bacevich speaks truth to power, no matter who’s in power, which may be why those of both the left and right listen to him.”—Bill Moyers. “Andrew Bacevich speaks truth to power, no matter who’s in power, which may be why those of both the left and right listen to him.”—Bill Moyers An immediate. Andrew J. Bacevich, The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism ( New York: Metropolitan Books, ), pp., $ Andrew Bacevich’s latest .

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Yet ironically Iraq may yet prove to be the source of our salvation. He maintains that this story reveals a nation with imperial ambitions. The preferred American approach was to rely, whenever possible, on suasion. Political leaders have too often confused strategy with ideology, and, in turn, military leaders have tended to mistake operations for strategy.

In many ways, the condition of the military today offers the most urgent expression of that dysfunction. He reminds us that we can destroy all that we cherish by pursuing an illusion of indestructibility.

These similarities express four core convictions: Except in the eyes of the deluded and the disingenuous, it has long since become a fool’s errand. Copyright Andrew J. How did we get to this point? Finally, he concludes that the limite army bacevcih here to stay. As individuals, our appetites and expectations have grown exponentially.

Centered on consumption and individual autonomy, the exercise of freedom is contributing to the gradual erosion of our national power. Although Americans seem to be intent on saddling the rest of the world with their form of freedom, their domestic profligacy and military adventurism have made them more dependent on foreign resources, such as oil, and more vulnerable to attacks from renegade terrorist elements. For the average American tuning in to the nightly news, reports of U. This conviction finds expression in a determination to remake the world in what we imagine to be America’s image.


He argues that the country has been on a war footing since the presidency of Harry S. All three share this characteristic: We teeter on the edge of insolvency, desperately trying to balance accounts by relying on our presumably invincible armed forces.

Although it cobbled together a new agency to attend to “homeland security,” the administration also redoubled its efforts to shore up the Pax Americana and charged the Department of Defense with focusing on this task.

In this sense, the Long War is both self- defeating and irrational. Writing with knowledge born of experience, conservative historian and former military officer Andrew J. In came the main event, an open- ended global war on terror, soon known ppower some quarters as the “Long War. In practice, freedom constantly evolves and in doing so generates new requirements and abolishes old constraints.

Whether the issue at hand is oil, credit, or the availability of cheap consumer goods, we expect the world to accommodate the Bacevcih way of life. Army with the rank of colonel. There is a further paradox: Even today, he deserves recognition as the most clear- eyed of American prophets.

The Limits of Power by Andrew Bacevich | American Empire Project

Oxford University Press,he focused on the reconstitution of the military in American life, especially its reinvigorated role in the conduct of foreign policy since the Vietnam War, and he concluded that the military has integrated itself so successfully into official U.

War Without Exits For the United States, the passing of the Cold War yielded neither a “peace dividend” nor anything remotely resembling peace. In this sense, the Long War genuinely qualifies as a war to preserve the American way of life centered on a specific conception of liberty and simultaneously as a war to extend the American imperium centered on dreams of a world remade in America’s imagethe former widely assumed to require the latter.

In Andrew Bacevich, realism and moral vision meet. See more from this Author. The collective capacity of our domestic political economy to satisfy those appetites has not kept pace with demand. In some respects, this must be cause for celebration. Rather than insisting that the world accommodate the United States, Americans need to reassert control over their own destiny, ending their condition of dependency and abandoning their imperial delusions.


The Limits of Power

When it came to defending vital American interests, asserting control over the imperial periphery took bcevich over guarding the nation’s own perimeter.

Bacevich believes that constructive strategy in foreign policy must recognize that the U. It was just not prepared to address threats to the nation’s eastern seaboard.

History will not judge kindly a people who bacrvich nothing amiss in the prospect of endless armed conflict so long as they themselves are spared the effects. Congress has been moved outside the circle of real power over decisions about military initiatives.

In the Pentagon, senior military officers spoke in terms of “generational war,” lasting up to a century. Yet if pressed, Washington did not hesitate to use force, as its numerous military adventures during the s demonstrated.

In that regard, the neoconservative writer Robert Kagan is surely correct in observing that “America did not change on September Yet especially since the s, the reinterpretation of freedom has had a transformative impact on our society and culture. Truman and that during this time power bacevifh become increasingly concentrated in the executive branch.

These are fundamental questions, which cannot be dismissed with a rhetorical wave of the hand. Those contradictions have found their ultimate expression in the perpetual state of war afflicting the United States today.

In his latest effort, Bacevich concentrates on the lessons to be learned from U. April 16, Welcome to The Blog They are of our own making.