The tiny eco-friendly wonder. Quiet, understated and very practical, the NSK microATX Tower maintains the innovative standards of Antec′s new Solution. Brand name, Antec. Item Weight, Kg. Product Dimensions, 28 x x cm. Item model number, NSK UK. Color, Black/Silver. Number of USB Buy from Scan – Antec NSK Micro ATX Tower Case with 80Plus W EarthWatts PSU -4 drive bays mm fan.

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All my life I have been seeking evidence to confirm this” Bertrand Russell “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, anrec I’m not sure about the former” Albert Einstein. I have used the following parts: Antec NSK from the product page.

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I am using Speccy to monitor my temperatures, not sure whether this monitors Tcore or Tcase. I was thinking of a similar build, but with Acostipack applied to the side panel.


Sat Jul 30, It has evolved from the NSKwhich we reviewed here a little over a year ago. We have the same motherboard and I was also thinking of buying the HR I have already checked Thermalright’s compatibility list. Front-mounted ports for easy multimedia connections.

Wed Jul 27, Last edited by vanderwijk on Mon Apr 25, 9: When the temperature drops to 50 degrees the frequency goes up again and so does the heat.

Antec NSK Plus Case |

Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Vanderwijk, how much clearance does that heatsink have from the side panel? Even though I am not using a discrete gpu atnec my system, it seems that there is enough room for it. Sun Apr 24, Also, would adding this GPU Passive be a good idea?

On this picture you can see the space between the slot and the natec The only visible difference from this angle is the expanded top vent.

Powercolor Passive http: That is, a completely fanless system. Thanks, I have downloaded Prime95 and let it run for a while.

SPCR is optimized for viewing at x screen size. I was going to build the similar system with NSK, however finally given up since the optical drive can’t be fit into the upper chamber with the presence of a longer than ATX PSU such like X The Antec is a well built xntec and abtec enough space for the Thermalright HR passive cpu cooler.

There is definitely enough clearance for adding noise-dampening material.

The Seasonic PSU and the hard drives. 4380 would be great if you can attach temperature measurements in both idle and load modes. However, can anyone confirm whether a discrete GPU would fit, or not?


Currently I don’t have a separate videocard installed but because I don’t use antex system for games I have not missed it yet because the Intel HD that is built in the Core i7 k processor is quite fast. Mon Apr 25, 5: See if you can buy a used HR plus.

Antec NSK-3480: 80-Plus Case

Not without some kind of special considerations to replace the lost airflow, I think. I shortened the sata power xntec. Sat Jul 30, 2: Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just discovered this thread, and I find the build to be very appealing.

Most cables are tucked behind the front panel I had to use some force to get it back in place. I removed the 3. Multiple, independent thermal zones, soft hard drive grommets, and wide-open air intakes are all invaluable for silencing, and these features show up antrc Antec’s lineup frequently. Nice rig, one big mother of a CPU heatsink. I think my only chance at this point would be to ask someone who already tried this set-up before.