Down To Earth takes a look at one of the worst and longest-running pesticide poisoning episodes in India and how it culminated with the Supreme Court. The numbers of people affected by nearly 20 years of aerial spray of Endosulfan, an organochlorine pesticide, in the cashew plantations in Kasaragod, the. Our mission is to get rid of the deadly chemical Endosulfan from India. Report in Mangalam (a Malayalam publication) on how Sharad Pawar, the Agriculture.

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Many children were found suffering from birth deformities, cancer, cerebral palsy, mental disorders, skin diseases, vision loss; many women were found infertile. Stories bringing out wndosulfan plight of the victims were published in the fortnightly and received huge response.

Family after family has people suffering from diseases that were never noticed in the area in the past. International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Endosulfan News: Latest News and Updates on Endosulfan at News18

Endosulfan has been used in agriculture around the world to control insect pests including whitefliesaphidsleafhoppersColorado potato beetles and cabbage worms. Plantation Corporation of Kerala Kushal Nedosulfan Singh Yadav, the Down To Earth correspondent who had unfolded the murky details of reports submitted by government appointed committees in the endowulfan issue responded to the allegations leveled against CSE by the legal representatives of Arvind G Tiwari.

April 30, We only want an end to this tragedy. The decision to enlist endosulfan in Annexure A of the convention document for elimination happened on 29th April, A journalist reported the story warning that endosulfan, the pesticide used in the aerial spraying, might have been the cause.

It relates the story of twenty-five years of what is described as blatant disregard for the well-being of a community, and of sacrificing lives in the pursuit of greed.

The researchers compared the villagers to a control group of boys from a demographically similar village that lacked a history of endosulfan pollution. Mayee committee submits its report.

Please remember to subscribe to the campaign news, periodic updates in this website. Psychiatric problems and suicidal tendencies have also been rising. The harassment continued even after all the responses were provided by CSE to numerous government committees and courts.



Report on Health Effects on Endosulfan and progress of rehabilitation activities in Kerala. Shetty signed a statement saying he couldn’t say whether Kittanna’s disability had anything to do with the pesticide,” points out Shree Padre. Endosullfan would like to see endosulphan banned in all states malagalam only Kerala. Government started taking note after The petition states that CSE among other accused created, printed, published and circulated a defamatory study report on Endosulfan with malafide and criminal objective.

Please discuss further on the talk page. Ecological studies also showed high content of endosulfan in soil, water and the flora.

A journalist reported the story warning that endosulfan, the pesticide used in the aerial spraying, might have been the cause. The World Health Organization estimated worldwide annual production to be about 9, mlayalam tonnes t in the early s. A Monograph on Endosulfan — All you want to know about Endosulfan. She was a part of the delegation with Bhavnagar MP, Rajendra Singh Rana, which submitted a endosuldan to the district collector’s office to withdraw the NIOH report calling for ban of endosulfan.

It is produced by Makhteshim Agan and several manufacturers in India and China. This report accepted unusual human health problem in Padre village but did not establish a cause-effect relationship between endosulfan and the health problems.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The researchers concluded, “our study results suggest that endosulfan exposure in male children may delay sexual maturity and interfere with sex hormone synthesis. This letter again ignores the reason why the study was undertaken- it was the appeal from people in Kasaragod.

Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal – Wikipedia

Inthe committee of scientific experts of the Stockholm Convention concluded, “endosulfan is likely, as a result of long range environmental transport, to lead to significant adverse human health and environmental effects such that global action is warranted.

We thank the thousands of supporters who joined the campaign by sending petitions and bringing this to the attention of the endosulfsn community and policy makers. This corroborates the lack of residues in worker-exposure studies. The Perla Division of Kasaragod Plantation has the Padre Village Enmakaje Panchayat endosulfzn has remained the center point of endosulfan controversies for more than two decades now.


They brief the residents of all the latest information available. Cherkalam Abdullah, malayalxm local representative to the assembly, visited three victims’ families on February 3, Again the court dismisses this case. They are shedding crocodile tears for the farmers who will now fall in the trap of expensive chemical pesticides, they are completely ignoring the non chemical alternatives that are available in India and being successfully practiced in states like Andhra Pradesh non pesticide managementparts of Punjab and Maharashtra zero budget farming and Sikkim organic farming.

This was in response to public outcry and media reports regarding health hazards and pollution caused by spraying of endosulfan in cashew plantations owned by PCK. Archived from the original on But noose tightens December 10th Jatadhari, the guardian spirit theyyam of the area, is angry, believe several people of Padre village of Enmakaje Gram Panchayat village council endosulfsn Kasaragod district of Kerala.

A endosuulfan of children who were the actual victims of the pesticide appeared malayaalam the film at this time. Government of Kerala was asked to conduct this study. How can a villager establish the cause of disease? Click here to read the Press Release of the global campaign.

The compound breaks down into endosulfan sulfate, endosulfan diol, and endosulfan furan, all endoulfan which have structures similar to the parent compound and, according to the EPA, “are also of toxicological concern…The estimated half-lives for the combined toxic residues endosulfan plus endosulfan sulfate [range] from roughly 9 months to 6 years.

Children in Kasaragod An appeal presentation released by Thanal, In December, the agriculture ministry organised a three-day seminar on agriculture development which was sponsored by pesticide companies who also produce endoosulfan.