The Art of Wrestling by Fabian von Auerswald. The Art of Wrestling: 85 pieces to the honorable and gracious Electors of Saxony by Fabian von Auerswald. Fabian von Auerswald was a German Renaissance master of Ringen (wrestling). In , at the age of 75, he completed a beautifully. Find the perfect fabian von auerswald black & white image. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need.

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So mus ich mit meiner lincken Hand im seine rechte Hand ausreissen und im ausreissen, trete ich hinein, so kom ich zu den vorigen stucken, die da zu dem Redlin und dem ausschlagen dienen. This is the winning step by the opponent. Spring in front of him, dropping your weight low so as to lift him entirely up on your hips before throwing him.

Ringer Kunst (Fabian von Auerswald) ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

What I lift auerswaod I lay down. Und das gehet von beiden seittenn. The Dung hoe When someone has both arms under and presses me to himself with power then I place my right hand under his chin and push him away from me.

Just when he runs in then I put my left hand on his left shoulder.

It is a simple action, and yet it will set up many of the following techniques. If he has grasped your right arm with his left arm, wind your right arm over the outside of it and grab your own arm with your left hand.


Your opponent may not allow this throw to happen by taking a wide stance with his hips withdrawn. As soon as he releases you, step in and throw him over your hip. From it goes the backward throw: And I stay with my left leg in the hole in the balance, fabiam is the counter.

This piece is called breaking in with both elbows When I have pulled away both his arms, then I have both aherswald my arms undereath.

After that he must do the high or struck out hip. My right arm must be underneath and my left above, and I press my left hand onto his upper right leg. There are two parts to this technique. This is the break before the run in hip That is what this piece is called. When your opponent is about to take the hip.

With my left hand I pull his left hand to me and reach in with my left hand under his right elbow. And in pushing through I step with my right leg into the back of his left knee. Thereafter I reach with my right hand and grab him on the outside of his right leg and heave him up to the left side.

And if the arm does not break. When he lets go of my leg hook, then I stoop through under his right arm with my head and my right arm above comes his neck and my left arm comes between his legs and then I run to the right with him and I stay the whole time with my left leg in the hole. The tugging of the opponent. The technique that belongs to the pit When your opponent is about to take the hip. Thereby you see how the opponent will respond to a hold. Then I fall with my right knee onto the back of his right knee and press down into the balance, and thus he is brought to his knees.


Index:Ringer Kunst (Fabian von Auerswald) 1539.pdf

Notify auerxwald of new comments via email. Darnach mus ich mit meinem lincken Beine treten innwendig an seinen rechten fuss und las meine lincke hand gleitenan seinen rechten Arsbacken und drehe in auff die rechte seiten umher.

Break against the high hip Just when he runs in then I put my left hand on his left shoulder. Ringer Kunst Fabian von Auerswald Ina second edition was produced by Karl Wassmannsdorff and printed in Leipzig by G. A break of the lock-wrestling When he grabs hold of me with his right hand then I use the left hip.

Winding over the arm with one hand This is only a figure or note about winding over the arm from which in the next device comes. It is gentlemanly of him. This will create a small gap at the inside of his elbow. When someone grabs me the front of my doublet with both hands, I reach with both of my elbows between his arms and I sink down low in the balance.

Keep the spine upright and straighten your legs to lift and throw him.