Fostex FEES – R Full range speakers with lacquer finish. Asking Price: RM Condition: 8/10 Location: PJ Contact: Thomas. Fostex full range unit. units limited production. Ferrite magnet. FEES-R FOSTEX 画像. Used. Consigned. Hold. Reserved. Sold Out. HiFiDo Home. Nov 16, Derek Sanderson’s Sachiko with Fostex FEeS-R.

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These are many times better than any 8 inch full range speaker. Actually, the best there is.

I will be singing your praise and demonstrating it also to my friends who share our passion. For those requiring a smaller system, we have three different ‘bookshelf’ size bass reflex cabinet designs available: Fostex 8 inch speakers are very efficient–at least 96 dB. They are the best speakers, by far, I have ever had or heard, and I have had and heard megabuck speakers from most of the ‘big names’ in audio. Almost all Lowther and Fostex models use whizzer cones. La Scala plans Tags: Dear Xavier, Obviously my best bet would be to try the Oris with the Supravoxes that I already own but maybe I would be wasting the time and money put into building the Oris system by using a less than adequate driver.

For even better sound the world’s best full range speakers, in factyou might also want to consider our own Audio Nirvana full range speakers. Many people also choose it as a center channel speaker. We’re happy to share our experience with other enthusiasts. LaScala by BertTuesday, February 21, Fostex speakers are precision made with very light paper cones and incredibly strong magnets for precise control.


It is a traditional full range whizzer cone model. However, the sound from the back of the speaker is free to reflect off rear walls and join the sound from the front of the speaker. I could try those with the Oris The Monitor MkII 1.

Now I read on your site about the Nirvanas. They look good and they sound great. Posted some questions yesterday but apparently they got lost.

Obviously my best bet would be to try the Oris with the Supravoxes that I already own fe206ds-r maybe I would be wasting the time and money put into building the Oris system by using a less than adequate driver. The modification isn’t too hard to do and I have seen the specifications of the limited edition of the FEES-R drive unit. When you buy from us, you get free, unlimited lifetime technical support, on our speakers, and help with any cabinet design.

Fostex fe206es-r pdf

I do remember another frequency plot though looking worse which I have downloaded before somewhere Clarity, detail, accuracy, and realism are excellent because the sound comes from a single voicecoil. Fostex makes several different 8 inch full range speakers. We’ve had 8 pairs returned in 15 years. Thanks again, xavier Tags: They produce a very open and highly detailed image.


RSS Feed of thread. All speakers are covered by fe206ss-r full factory warranty against original manufacturing defects.

To save money, the FEEn does not use a phase plug. You’ll hear the quality of the drivers very well but for a reasonable flat response you should use higher Q drivers for more output in the deeper range below hz.

Both versions are available with two different porting arrangements. Variable Q and strong magnet. It has full bass and dynamics and a fee206es-r overall balance. My space is simply too small for the Minimonitors, and I am happy.

Fostex FEES-R and T90A

Any whizzer cone model is not really a full range speaker, but a two-way speaker where the tweeter cone is glued to the woofer cone. The clarity and detail is out of this world. We love music as much as you do. Could you be more precise on what Q do you mean by higher?

I’m looking at the Fostex Feesr as the first driver for my Oris that I plan to buy sometime soon. Also what drivers do they work with?