TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO – A CASE STUDY. The response to NPK fertilization of six-year-old litchi trees, cultivar. Index terms Air layering; Litchi chinensis Sonn; propagation. Resumo Agriculture Tecnica in Mexico, México, v n, p. , TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO – A CASE _5 AN OVERVIEW OF LITCHI (LITCHI CHINENSIS) PRODUCTION BY.

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Lychees also require a climate with high summer heat, rainfall, and humidity. Coming to all chinensiw them is a good contact between the cambium tissues of the scion and rootstock. Water oozed out will cause hypoxia at the conjunction between the scion and rootstock, which prevents healing process. The plant height should be cm of height with 2 to 3 branches and the trunk diameter at 2 cm above the joint larger than 0. Only in China grafting of litchis is also commercially used.

Once separated from the flesh tissue, the exposed seeds quickly lose vigor due to chiennsis. Time required from potting to transplanting to the field depend also on type of nursery plant raised. For application of IBA, several methods viz. It also takes longer than air-layering or cutting as grafting needs to start with preparing seedlings of the rootstock, which takes around a year from seed sowing to when seedlings are ready to use. It has a trend to produce low branches and litchi branches tend also to form V-shaped crosses, easily broken by wind, which makes appropriate training and pruning very important for this species.

Morphological characteristics and plant development The litchi is a subtropical tree rarely exceeding m height with a variable habit of growth from an erect to a weeping-willow appearance depending of the cultivars, propagation methods and pruning.


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Cultivars can also have different synonyms in various parts of the world. On the other hand, it can ligchi used for direct planting in the field. As many diseases and the nematodes are spread by irrigation water, the water used must be treated with chemical products or come from a clean source a drill for instance.

Effects of shading and girdling on shoot growth and photosynthesis in litchi. These fruit typically have a higher price, due to having more edible flesh. Studies on litchi propagation by air layering in Valle de Culiacu.

Flora del Noroeste dé México – Litchi chinensis

Although, the air-layered branches may set better due to girdling effect in current season, it is generally not recommended as fruit bearing inhibit root growth of the layers. Some cultivars produce a high percentage of fruits with shriveled aborted seeds known as ‘chicken tongues’. Retrieved from ” https: Within one week after grafting, irrigation should be restricted because high soil pitchi will cause bleeding at the cut surface of the rootstock.

First, the grafted seedlings to be released should be true-to-type with all traits identical to their source cultivar.

Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn) propagation. New Technologies and innovations

For the Cuban-born Mexican writer, see Eliseo Alberto. After cutting the rooted branch from mother plant, the branch crown can be removed or maintained depending on the size of the nursery plant.

After examining the main morphological and developmental characteristics of the plant and the description of the structures and materials, including types of substrate required for the propagation of this species, the different methods for its propagation are discussed.

Although there is no systematic study about the effect of rootstock on hardiness in litchi, it is well recognized that rootstocks confer resistance to stresses, especially soil-born stresses eg. That precaution allows avoiding the development of root diseases like nematodes. To facilitate transplanting, they should be at a distance of not less than double their length sown around cm Propagation by air layering This is the most widely used propagation method for litchi and the one which gives the most successful results.


Mmexico prior to flower initiation in May, showed per cent rooting Paxton et al. Mexicl cuttings should be transplanted in polybags filled with good fertile soil and compost. This method chnensis most commonly used for propagating litchi as it needs much less skill and force to operate. Treatments to induce rooting Several treatments e.

Although propagation by cuttings is done in many countries and stooling has been reported as highly successful in India, air layering is the most common commercial way litfhi propagation for this species. Irrigation facilities should allow frequent water application to the pots which permit to keep substrata humidity at the right level avoiding flooding of it.

Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura, Jaboticabal, v. This is best done by providing bottom heat from thermostatically controlled electric heating cables or hot water pipes under the rooting frames.

Quantick and John M. Spring grafting is done from February to April, while autumn grafting is conducted from September to October. Indian Journal of HorticultureNew York, v. Leaves on the budwoods should be all removed to minimize transpiration. The mixture must have a pH between 6 and 7.