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Product category: PLCs – Omron – C – Omron CH-LK (CHLK) This unit is fully tested prior to. Q: Can CH-LKV1 Host Link Unit be used with CS1-series Programmable Controllers?. CH Units that use the CPU bus, SYSMAC LINK Unit, CHW-SLK23/24 ( wired) CHW-SLK13/14 (optical). Controller Link Unit, CHW-CLK21 (wired ).

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Then the PLC cannot connect to Pc. The DIP switch front are 0;0;5;2 back are off;off;on;off;0v Please help me! Posted 20 Nov I c200n blown internal circuit board fuses on some of the older CH’s by trying to use that port.

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Posted 13 Nov edited. Edited 15 Nov by sokhanh. Help me with ch-lk Started c2200h sokhanh13 Nov Posted 14 Nov edited. Posted 15 Nov edited. The restriction is strictly mechanical. This means you cannot use the small peripheral port for anything other than a hand held programmer.

Omron Ch-lkv1 Host Link Unit | eBay

Prev 1 c200g Next Page 1 of 2. Posted 21 Nov I have checked the cable carefullly, the cable should be ok. This is common Omron serial settings. Pin 3 on the back may be the problem depending on how your custom application was programmed.


I also tried with this cable LK Coputer Posted 22 Nov I will check the cable one more time! If possible, which cable I have to use? And you put it on the first spot left of the CPU. This is a node address. Started by sokhanh13 Nov Maybe the backplane is bad.

It’s on page 9 in the manual. Be careful what you plug into it. All the configuration is done with the LK switches.

Posted 14 Nov Posted 15 Nov Try turning if OFF. This is basically the same as the rack mounted unit you have. I would still think you should see the RCV light. After revisiting this I found conflicting information in the manuals. Welcome to the Forum!

It determines if addressing is required in the event of a muli-link system. Sign C200h Sign Up. The dip witches in the host link are correct but still not connect. One says not to use those slots, the other says it’s OK but you will lose some functionality on the peripheral port.


I have tried with an ch-lkv1 but everything is the same. Neither of them are V1’s.

This may or may not be an issue if they are mismatched The 25 lk021 connector would run into the bottom of those peripheral units if you used these slots. Sign in Already have an account?

Omron C200H-LK201-V1 Industrial Control System

I did notice that both of his modules are in the restricted slots. As far as using the peripheral port Edited 16 Nov by sokhanh. On the older kk201, it was only intended for the hand held programmer. Also the command level is set for a custom application for full read and write.

You should verify the cable. I just didn’t relate the issue when reading the manual.