View and Download Mamiya RB67 Pro-S instructions manual online. RB67 Pro- S Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Mamiya RB 67 Pro S service instructions manual online. RB 67 Pro Digital Camera Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Instructions Manual. (34 pages). Somehow it didn’t get put in with the other Mamiya instructions. . I’ve been using a used Mamiya Pro S Rb67 camera for the past year, and I’m delighted with it.

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Show More Show Less. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Built-in double exposure prevention, multiple exposure provision, automatic film wind-stop release.

Camera Review: Me and my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S « EMULSIVE

Mamiya backs from the Press system are compatible with the RB67 with the use of the P-adapter. Built-in auto-frame masking assures accurate composition at all times. Extra Magazines allow mid-roll change to other films. It offers a choice of helicoid or camera bellows focusing. The backs are designed similar to a Graflok style back, other manufacturers that have the Graflok fitting may be used. Even the film advance and the shutter cocking action are two separate levers!

Revolving Camera Back The RB67 Pro SD unique revolving back feature permits instant change from vertical to horizontal composition with the flip of the wrist.

manial On top of the Mamiya is the screen that folds down. I then turn the shutter knob to the unlocked position.

My point is there is some variation. There is a service manual for the ProS online free, possibly here http: One of the greatest money saving devices available.


The act of making an exposure in the camera is a multi-step process. Mamiya engineers and inspectors test continuously as the lens is assembled to insure flawless quality. Roll Film Inserts Inserts can be pre-loaded with film, at-the-ready for use in Magazines. Accepts popular brand vignetters such as Sailwind and Leon. It moved this time, so that it rested along the focusing knob pointing outwards, away from me. Grid intersections also useful as reference points for multiple exposures.

Don’t be afraid of it’s size. Privacy policy About Camera-wiki. Advance the film with the lever on the film back. The magnifier can be raised by moving a small lever on the inside top of the front finder. To raise the magnifier, slide the switch on the top panel of the hood to the right. It works well for close-up photography with or without extension tubes. Due to its heavy weight almost 2kg for the body alone the RB67 is often said to be unsuitable for use hand-held use.

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Cross Hair All matte screen with small aerial totally transparent spot with cross hairs. This camera has it’s own fair share of charms, some of pdo I’ve already experienced accidental multiple exposure to same frame, rotating back release, etc. Good luck and keep posting!

In fact, manufacturers of digital backs have come to rely on what traditional Mamiya users have often taken for granted.

Of course, there are also other lenses. Actually, I feel like my quality varies day-to-day and I am around that age! With the combined weight, even with an extra handle it seems like a lot of work hold it up to my face. The L lenses are compatible with the Pro-SD onlydue to the fact they need a larger “throat” to mount on the camera.

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A workout for your body as well as your mind!

Mamiya RB 67 Pro S Service Instructions Manual

It required the use of a separate P-adapter to mount the instant back that was designed for the Mamiya Press. The focusing requires using bellows, the shutter is recocked individually from the film advancement, the camera can have its back twisted to shoot portrait style, the exposure parameters mamiay set around the lens, and there is no light meter built in.

I assumed this was how it was designed to function. Do you already have an account?

Camera Review: Me and my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S

Its revolving back allows for quick changes from horizontal or vertical composition, without turning the entire camera. The revolving adapter also needs to be turned fully to the stop position before the shutter can fire.

Press it down if you wish to retract it. Featuring 5 lens elements in 2 groups, it produces a side-correct, distortion-free image.

I pushed the shutter release button, and — success! The built-in floating element system allows correction of edge sharpness for copy work down to 1: Mar 25, 2. Mamiya Lenses Mamiya lenses are designed and built for today’s foremost photographers who expect their equipment to provide both outstanding and distinctive results. The most common back adapter included in the system is the rotating back.